The Society’s earliest publication was a fold-out leaflet printed in 2001 as a map and guide for increasing numbers of visitors to the area. Ongoing research over subsequent years resulted in various articles and reports, but it was not until 2008 that the Society assembled a selection of dated references to the parish and published ‘Hawkesbury Chronicles 972-1899AD’. Proceeds from sales of the ‘Chronicles’ go toward research costs, and subsidisation of the Society’s programme of visiting speakers, where costs are not covered by attendance charges.


Hawkesbury Local History Society is pleased to announce the publication of the definitive history of Lower Woods Nature Reserve: A History of Lower Woods Nature Reserve, Part II: The Timeline.**

The culmination of 18 years research by Mike and Jill Martin, this book tells the story of the woods from Prehistoric times to the present day. With over 300 illustrated pages (many in colour) this is a ‘must’ for anyone interested in the woods and their surroundings.

“Here is the story of a small piece of English woodland, a story that stretches from our pre-historical past, through Roman occupation, medieval exploitation, post dissolution rivalries and two world wars to the present day.

This is a lavishly illustrated publication that has been meticulously researched through the study of documentary evidence, surveying, botanical mapping, archaeological exploration and the application of extensive local knowledge. The end result is a fascinating insight into the metamorphosis of woodland through the ages and illustrates how economic, social and political influences have impacted upon woodland management, composition and its wildlife.

Mike and Jill Martin have not only produced an engrossing and entertaining tale, they have also created a remarkable addition to our understanding of the social history of rural England, one that should set a standard for all future research.”

- A.W.Jackson, BSc, MPhil, MA, PhD

** A reprint of A History of Lower Woods Nature Reserve, Part I: The Names first published 2008, reprinted 2014, is also available (64 pages).

A History of Lower Woods Nature Reserve
Part I: The Names. £8
Part II: The Timeline. £18
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A publication of particular interest to local historians.

Learn about the purpose of these “forgotten buildings of architectural, church and parish history”.

Few remain in recognisable form today, those that do being mainly in the West Country counties of Devon and Somerset. In other places, surviving examples may well go unrecognised for what they once were. Gloucestershire had its fair share of church houses at one time, but where and when, and how many of them have survived to the present day?

This gazetteer, illustrated with many coloured photographs, provides sources of records for the existance of Church Houses throughout the pre-1974 county of Gloucestershire.

Published on CD in pdf format £6.50 inc. p&p
Lower Woods
Church Houses
Hawkesbury Chronicles
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