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One of the initial objectives in forming the Hawkesbury Local History Society in 1998 was to gather together existing researches into parish history (work by individuals such as Rev. Devereaux Mack, George & Lisa White, and others), reports undertaken by County Councils, and the publications of various antiquarians and genealogists.

Building on this foundation, the Society continued research into readily available sources of information – parish registers, census data, tithe apportionments, etc. – and eventually into the harder to find parish related documents held by various county and national archives. Ten years later, in 2008, the Society issued its first publication – Hawkesbury Chronicles 972-1899AD – a selection of chronological events intended to paint a picture of parish life through the ages.

In the meantime, extensive studies have been conducted on a range of subjects, including the history of Lower Woods, monumental inscriptions in the church and churchyard of St Mary’s, Hawkesbury, baptism, marriage and burial indices, old photographs & postcards, and historic mapping.

Archaeological activities have included excavations of Roman sites in Badminton and Lower Woods, and regular field walks around the parish.

The Society’s monthly programme of speakers at the Village Hall and visits to local places of historic interest remains popular, and being partly funded from sales of Hawkesbury Chronicles, is scheduled to continue.

Having by now accumulated a wealth of information on parish history, updating of the Society’s website provides an opportunity to publish items of interest, and in particular to share directions and aspects of current research.